Our Mission

Optimal nutrition for an amazing life

We all want our dogs to get the most from every moment, from enjoying walks in the rain to curling up indoors.

By harnessing the power of science, Purina® PRO PLAN® supports owners in providing the optimal nutrition for their pets. For us, nutrition is the foundation for optimal health and wellbeing – and the starting point for an amazing life.

Our Innovation

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PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG Large Puppy Athletic with OPTISTART® - Runsaasti Kanaa

Täysravinto suurikokoisten koirarotujen rakenteeltaan urheilullisille pennuille. Sopii myös kantaville/imettäville nartuille.

PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG Medium Puppy Sensitive Digestion with OPTIDIGEST - Runsaasti Lammasta

Täysravinto keskikokoisten koirarotujen pennuille, joilla on herkkä ruoansulatus. Sopii myös kantaville/imettäville nartuille.