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Kissanruokia diabeteksen hoitoon

Diabetesta sairastavat kissat tarvitsevat laadukasta ravintoa, joka auttaa säätelemään verensokeria ja pitämään kissan terveenä ja tyytyväisenä. Tutustu diabeetikkokissojen kissanruokavalikoimaamme jo tänään.
Kissanruokia diabetekseen luettelosivu

Just like with humans, cats with diabetes need to be careful of their carbohydrate intake, which is why we’ve developed our range of diabetic cat food to meet their nutritional needs whilst regulating their blood sugar. Our diabetic cat food recipes are from the Purina brands you trust such as Pro Plan Veterinary Diets and contain low carbohydrate levels to reduce the upsurge of blood glucose after meals and high protein levels to stimulate the release of insulin. Browse our full range of diabetic cat food diets today and find the best possible option for your cat’s unique needs.