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Kissan hankkiminen
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Kuinka adoptoin tai pelastan kissan?

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You've decided to give a cat from a shelter a forever home-a fantastic thing to do! There are so many pets in the world that have been abandoned, abused or simply had owners that were no longer able to take care of them. All of these animals are looking for a second chance at a loving home.

Whether you're looking to adopt a kitten or an adult cat with a fully formed, unique personality, there are many things to consider before bringing your new family member home. Find out how to adopt a cat and what you'll need for your new arrival with this guide.

How to adopt a cat

When considering how to adopt a cat, the first thing you need to do is locate a suitable shelter or charity with an established reputation. You can easily find plenty of these by searching for your local centres online. You can also try looking on Cats Protection, Blue Cross and RSPCA websites for your closest rescue centre to you. At Purina we’re also proud to have a partnership with Wamiz to connect you to local adoption services and help you to find your forever friend.

Once you've located a rescue centre, most have online directories of the cats they currently have up for adoption, alternatively you can speak to the staff at the centre for advice on the kind of cat which will suit you.

Miksi adoptoisin kissan?

  • Kun adoptoit kissan, saat eläimen, jonka rutiinit ja luonne ovat jo kehittyneet valmiiksi.
  • Tunnettujen adoptiojärjestöjen kissoille on tehty perusteellinen eläinlääkärintarkastus, ja ne on leikattu, rokotettu, madotettu, mikrosirutettu ja hoidettu kirppujen varalta.

Finding the perfect cat

One of the most important things when adopting a cat is to make sure that they have the right personality to fit in with your existing family. Shelters will be able to provide you with a detailed history of their residents' backgrounds, as well as advising on which of their cats might suit your family best.

Kissan adoptoimiseen liittyvät usein kysytyt kysymykset

Mistä voin adoptoida kissan?

  • Kun olet selvittänyt, missä eläinkoti sijaitsee, kannattaa keskustella eläinkodin henkilökunnan kanssa siitä, millaisen kissan haluat.

What is your home like?

If you have a lot of safe, outdoor space then consider rehoming an outdoor cat. If you live in a flat, an indoor cat will be better used to living in such a space.

How busy is your lifestyle?

If you're out of the house often, a cat that is known to be quite independent may be a happier fit for your lifestyle. Similarly, if you're short on time, choose a breed with less grooming requirements. 

Do you already have pets?

Some cats get on well with other animals, whereas others prefer to be more solitary. If you already have other pets, make sure you're adopting a rescue cat that has been pet tested and will get along with them. 

Do you have young children?

Some cats may have had experiences in their lives that make them more shy or reclusive. If you have a family with young children, find a cat that has been child tested and will be able to live with them. Be aware that some specialise they can only live with older children, whereas others may not be suited at all! 

Consider the bills

It's truly a wonderful thing to rehome a senior cat, or a cat with a health condition. Shelters will always make you aware of any long-term ailments, but make sure that you can shoulder the cost of any on-going veterinary treatment or any cat essentials, before committing to taking care of a cat. 

That's our guide to cat adoption! Find out more about getting a cat with our guide. 

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